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Beaver action to build into an international trend of hair and the concept of  Salon leading, becoming the top fashion trend of the pronoun.

BEAVER gentle 2016 fall trend seminar -Wenzhou

beaver soft has a superb technology, creative and unlimited professional hair team.

We visited this time, on both sides of theChangjiangRiver, we came to Zhejiang Wenzhou!

September 2016 8, 9, two days, beaver gentle hand in hand MC theUnited Statesand theUnited states,

Held inWenzhouin the 2016 autumn and winter fashion hair seminar.

September 8th is the opening ceremony of the MC United States and the company's 2016 autumn and winter trends seminar.

In a low-key luxury in the curtain, gathered in the industry like-minded partners,

Atmosphere of joy and grace. We need more than just products or technology,

Is to promote a brand ofChina's international beauty brand.

This autumn and winter seminar, beaver gentle hand in the country's top hair master - Cai Kui.

Hong kongcombination of professional hair training institutions, education director Cai Kui Victor,

With 20 years of experience in hairdressing, accomplished extraordinary, active in various fashion magazines and fashion show.

who Once for the international master Antoni Masclo,Akos Bodi and Ralf Boss specially invite  Deductive guest show

With a perfect grasp and skilled technical fix for the trend, the achievements of the representative figures he arts become an independent school status.

At the same time also created a miracle in the industry one after another. He is not only a technical soul of the portfolio consultant,

Is a keen sense of fashion pioneer and creator.

We respect the design and innovation, but also continue to provide high quality products and services.

In addition to the seminar in September 8th, there are September 9th master class hands-on courses.

Can get hundreds of thousands of Chinese hair stylist sought after the guidance of hair technology leader,

Our dedication to share with you the beauty and innovation!