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Protein concentrate shampoo

Protein concentrate shampoo

BIS-2301/BIS-2701           300ml/730ml


This is a mild, concentrated shampoo with effective cleaning function that contains protein and plant extracts 

for nourishing and moisturizing scalp while leaving soft, shining gloss on the hair. P.C.L extract from bird’s feather 

gland helps to rebuild hair structure, provide abundant water to the cuticle layer of the hair and the scalp, 

help solve split hair and broken hair problems, and give the hair a nourishing effect and silky feel.


Wash the hair with warm water. Pour a proper amount of shampoo on the palm, rub and spread 

the shampoo evenly onto the hair, together with rubbing and massaging on the scalp with fingertips, 

and then wash it away with warm water. Wash the hair again if necessary. After washing, use HAIR 

CONDITIONER AND GROOMING AID FORMULA to achieve the best result.