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Red wine hair mask+red wine polyphenols serum

Red wine hair mask+red wine polyphenols serum

1126         500ml

Description :

The high purity Red Wine Polyphenols essence extracts from special selected red grape in south France,

contains rich natural antioxidant ingredients, such as Proanthocyanidines and Resveratrol and etc.,

which can resist the hair damages caused by free radicals and the outside oxidates effectively,

reduce the loss of hair collagen, repair damaged hair, strengthen hair cores, pour new vitality into hair,

leave it more moisturized and smooth, elastic and shiny, improve natural defense ability for

hair and solve all kinds of hair problems comprehensively


After shampooing, spray about 20~30ml Total luxury Red Wine Polyphenols Serum on hair according

to hair length and density,massage about 5-10 minutes to optimize the supply of nutritions, no need to rinse.

Then apply 80-100ml mask to hair evenly, massage gently to promote absorption. Stay for 15-20 minutes,

rinse off with water, use heating device if needed