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Castile anti-dandruff hair shampoo

Castile anti-dandruff hair shampoo

BIS-2303/BIS-2703           300ml/730ml


It contains olive oil. Application of Castile shampoo with gentle massage is enough to give mild

nourishment and moisture to both the hair and scalp. It is ideal for thick and rough hair with oil

or normal scalp. Avocado, papaya and rosemary components can purify the living environment of the scalp,

balance sebum secretion, prevent and heal the cause of dandruff, abate growth of scurf gemma fungus,

and quickly remove exfoliated dandruff, achieving the function of sedating scalp and diminishing inflammation.


Wash the hair with warm water. Pour a proper amount of shampoo on the palm, rub and spread the

shampoo evenly onto the hair, together with rubbing and massaging on the scalp with fingertips,

and then wash it away with warm water. Wash the hair again if necessary. After wash,

use LEAVE-IN HAIR CONDITIONER WITH SUNSCREEN to achieve the best effect.